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About us
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Vertical Restoration

We are a 100% Mexican company with more than 10 years of experience in the area of textile architecture and membrane maintenance (PVC, ETFE, PTFE), high-rise glass cleaning and different types of covers, our staff is highly trained and specialized in heights, we have all the top quality equipment that allows us to carry out the work safely and at totally competitive costs.

Architecture Light

The concept of light architecture has been used since the beginning of humanity where people moved to carry out activities such as hunting and harvesting. Due to this mode of travel, tribes had to have homes that could be transported from one place to another. to another; For this reason, it manages to develop a construction system with the use of light and deformable materials that allow the conditions of mobility and change of function to be satisfied. Elements such as carpet, fabric and meshes made of natural fiber or artificial materials emerge.

Arq. Sergio Molina

Managing Director

Lic. Edgar Nadales

Operations Director
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