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Architectural membranes are thin, flexible surfaces that support loads primarily through the development of tensile stresses. They can be suspended or extended between posts, or supported by air pressure.


It allows you to create covered spaces with organic shapes, with exclusive and aesthetic designs. This type of structures are more environmentally friendly because 1% of the elements used are recyclable, thus marking a big difference with traditional construction systems. Around the world, this type of light architecture has covered environments such as sports complexes and other smaller ones such as sports fields for parks or schools. In addition, hangars, warehouses and industrial camps have been created.

Why choose PVC?


It allows you to create large covered spaces in a professional manner. This type of tensile structures are fully bolted, complying with international standards, and are also easy to assemble and dismantle.

They have the system that allows structures to grow in a modular way according to the need to be covered.

Endurance: Withstands winds up to 100 km/h, seismic loads, hail, rain and ash.

Duration: exceed 20 years.

Why choose PTFE?

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